Brooklyn! Uh, yeah! Now, check this shit out

[Verse one: O.C].
Now check this motherfucking capo right here
Mash Out Posse SLASH O.C. come together like a glock and a clip
We gon` jam when its time to blast!
Big niggaz that rap, we bout to get in your ass
We done played the background, ay-yo all my peops
I`m naming names, fuck it, it`s on
I`m taking it back to some Brooklyn shit
With this ten-man clique
Who don`t know how to act, lookin for some niggaz to hit
And if you ever think it can`t happen to you
You might just end up in the East River with some bale-ass shoes
I ain`t playin no more, I`m gonna bring it to your ass raw
I flipped the word around, nigga, this means WAR
Yo, fuck that, Brooklyn`s on the map forever
To Billy and Fame, I hope you niggaz down for whatever
With Mike, go get the guns when its time to shoot
To Brooklyn I give a 21-GUN SALUTE
(Come on)

Flatbush *cut and scratched*
--Crown Heights-- "Thought I`d remind y`all"
Brownsville *cut and scratched* (Firing Squad)
"Thought I`d remind y`all" *scratching*
Bushwick *cut and scratched* "(See I) Thought I`d remind y`all"
?? *cut and scratched*
--East New York-- "Thought I`d remind y`all"

[Verse two: Lil` Fame]
I used to roll `em, this is a holdup
MAKE em roll up, come up out your clothes and get your whole shit swole
This game ain`t changed cause I became a rapping dude
I`m still a black cat, quick, and straight clapping dude
(Try to act rude) Play the mascott
With your clown ass ways, these days, look what your ass got
Clap, shot the body, I`m keeping it real
That cartoon ass nigga thought he was King of the Hill
That whole shit was animation, immitation
When I shipped that ass on out, like immigration
Ways of Emancipation, Proclamation
Constitutional rights, the LAST GENERATION
Your facin, M.O.P., O.G.`s
Flippin this track with O.C.
Niggaz know we, hold this shit down for Brooklyn, nigga!
Where guns spark and leave them things smoking, nigga!


[Verse three: Billy Danze]
Hot damn! Danze shot your head
Full cooperation, I`m taking donations, ante up the bread
(Clap, clap!) You got that fat while we were gone
So the balance that I wrote like ???, we`re taking on
Put the rest of that shit in the bag
I would tear your ass to pieces, so you please don`t make me mad
(Here we go again!) You ain`t known, I control my destiny
I only got love for the thugs that`s next to me
(Who that?) Berkuance, soldier, I`m ill
*pause* I told ya, I`m real!
And I`ve been doing a double danly
Everyone ?from my crew is sayin? (Daddy, don`t fail me)
Hold on, the way that I jettin my foes may never be even
I`m one of them dudes that niggaz refuse to believe in
(Life is full of obstacles!) so keep weeping
(At 24-years old) My only goal is too keep breathing

*scratching* --Brooklyn-- "Thought I`d remind y`all"
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