(Main-Flo _Verse one)

I had to stay focused, delayed moments in my beige Lotus

Someways hopeless, Tay was like yo Main float this

Play the bonus, lame brain that trained Ottis

He the boldest, days notice

I paged Lois, that babe knows us from getting crops and tours

Spots and blowers, exotic trees from the top growers

Cock the fours, I heard they just knocked the source

(so you say) Dont tell them that glock was yours

Stock the drawers, with hollows so shots can pour

Block'll roar, at times we out fox'em more

Lots in store, mop the floors with 'copter wars

From here to over there, watch us unlock the doors


Face facts ill hooks always lace tracks

Make traps, dat collapse on a fake act

Great raps trace back to the safe crack

The ace jacked and the karma on a snake back

Face facts they infiltrate where you wake at

count up your cake stacks

Watch where you take naps

Reptiles snacking on your packs and where you place maps

Hard to erase that dealing with these snake backs

(Donte_Verse one)

Devil in disguise invited in my enterprise

But God ain't into lies, and beasts get penalized

Wanna battle wanna bees, playin humble bumble bees

Simple test of the flesh, and you stumbled over G's

Went in where I'm livin' at nigga

Where I chill and max, it could've been a killin' black

You ain't even feelin' that

Looked him dead in his face

Crooked ace hit the safe

Took half of my stash and through the keys in the lake

But wait!

This nigga straight tried to say that I hate

swore on kinship

and friendship that I violate

But when I violate you know your eyes dialate

High stakes for my papes and commercial fly weight


(Main-Flo_Verse two)

All up on an exit, fronting these snake backs

That got infected, rigtht where I sketched it

Big Ohio neglected, they got a check list

County on some left shit, where nigga's bless flip

Head for the jet strip, counting bread for a fresh trip

Mex click, stick with a crime outfit

That likes to set picks, reptiles up in the mix

Made connect sick, turn in your necklace

They watching where your nest sits

(Donte_Verse two)

No harmony, Karma be where enemies arming me

But be harming me normally

By robbin' my armoury

Informants informing me

Friend, foe, formally with info, warning me

Of your plans to corner me

How you snakes is on to me

In my face snakes charming me

Alarming me for papes all snakes lay dormantly

Take you space like Normandy, your life time warranty

Rest in peace and harmony, when you break in my pharmacy

(Hook x 2 )
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Snakebacks Lyrics

Mood – Snakebacks Lyrics