Got so, many, questions
Everyone wants to know
Where you been, what you doing
How's your life
Questions (repeat 2x)

Verse I
Wants to know
What's my story, so here I go
I moved from Cali
A year ago
Switched my style up, on the low
I wont discuss things form my past
I said I'd leave it
But since you asked
Sometimes labels don't last
But true artists can stand the test

So let them say what they wanna say
(Tumors) about you
They're always in your business people

Repeat chorus 2X

Verse II
When you are surrounded
With friends like these
You gotta figure out
Who's the enemy?
You talk about me
You do me wrong
They think I am weak
But they make me strong
Sometimes I wish I could disappear
For the child we lost
I she'd a tear
I won't pretend to understand
I'm leave it all, in God's hands


Repeat oh 8X
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Questions Lyrics

Montell Jordan – Questions Lyrics

Songwriters: Jones, James Earl / Holmes, Percell Black / Jordan, Montell Du'Sean
Questions lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

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