Intro chorus
Are we crushing 2 nights?
From the bed to the flooor
Ooh I know what you like

Verse I
You got that feeling by that
Look on your face
You touch and tease me, now I'm
Ready to play
My hands run up and down your
Thighs and your waist
Then you whisper
Lets go back to my place

You know that you are turning me on
When you act this way
There's so many ways to make love
I am asking you baby

Chorus 2X

Verse II
Aint nothing wrong with being
Freaky with me
We just be crushing, living fantasies
You on top of me
Me on top of you
Hitting them switches in every room
All night thru

Repeat pre chorus, chorus

When I get you home
Its gonna be some
Back breaking
Love making
Wall shaking
Working your body, so smooth so soft
We gonna ride till the wheels fall off
(Repeat 2X)
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Crushin' Lyrics

Montell Jordan – Crushin' Lyrics

Songwriters: Jones, James Earl / Abraham, Leandre Bonz / Holmes, Percell Black / Jordan, Montell
Crushin' lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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