There were times
When we use to go out
Know all we do
Is scream and shout
You use to buy things
And give me complements
Now everything's
An arguement
Tell me
When it ever went wrong
Cause I don't wanna be
Another couple
That you hear in sad song
How can we communicate
Before it's much
Too late and I

I'm sick
Of playing games
I'm sick of waiting by
Half the times we cool
And other times we're not
I'm sick of crying
All these nights
I'm sick of being
Sick and tired

And I'm sick
Of all these rules
I'm sick
Of all these lies
Half the times we cool
And other times we're not
I'm sick of waiting
All my life
I'm sick of being
Sick and tired

Remember when we use
To have fun
I know you can't even
Remember the last time
I know you seeing someone
Cause you been walking around
Like everything is just fine
What the hell have I done
For you to have me feeling
Like I'm losing my mind
I don't wanna be no one
But is fronting on me and I


I never did ask
For nothing
But I can tell you
Going through something
So now would you risk me
Leaving our home
I hope you put
Your thoughts into this
Cause when I'm gone
I know you'll miss
All my love cause
When it's gone
I'm gone

I said that I'm sick
And tired of the lies
I can't do it nomore
I said
I can't do it no more
I'm so so so so tired
Ladies, ladies, ladies
Help me sing

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Sick And Tired Lyrics

Monica – Sick And Tired Lyrics

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