I find out answers
When I don't ask
While I stand here
With a visit form my past

I didn't invite you
I asked you very kindly
To leave when I wanted you
Please do not remind me

It was me that said

Please do not go
You don't know you can't stay
I can't sleep
When you're gone
Did you know
I only lie awake
Til mornin'

I consented to walk
What's the harm in a stroll
A couple of blocks
Couldn't take a toll

I consented to talk
What's the harm in catching up
It's been twelve blocks and back
I'll never have enough

It's me that says


You said what's the harm in trying
I say, what's the use when you know all along
You always said, each day's a new start
You must sleep well
Sleeping must heal the heart
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Sleep Must Heal The Heart Lyrics

Molly Marlette – Sleep Must Heal The Heart Lyrics

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