Oh take me home, baby

Man that dixie music makes
Move your feet around
Another blast of that southern mass
in the good ole' country sound
Ain't nothing like that feel
when the band starts to play
You have something about that music down in dixie U.S.A.

Just give me those stars and bars
playing on the radio
A good cold beer and a rebel cheer, man I'm ready to go
That sweet sweet dixie music really gets into your soul
So Mr. DJ won't you play that southern rock and roll.

You take me out of the country, not the country out of me
New Your City's neon lights just ain't my cup of tea
I take that Orange Blossom Special
A song I know well
A red neck down in Georgia
I love those southern belles.


Awww here's a little bit

Ohhh, man that dixie music makes
Move your feet around
Ain't nothing like that feelin' when the band is playin' it down
It's a great big world around me
This is where I stay
Something abouth that livin' down in dixie U.S.A.


I'll take that sweet sweet dixie music
Gets into my soul
So Mr. DJ won't you play some southern rock and roll.
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Sweet Dixie Lyrics

Molly Hatchet – Sweet Dixie Lyrics