We low down, we low down....
Yeah (yeah) (yeah), Krayzie Bone up in this mothafucka (up in this mothafucka), up in this
Mothafuckin nigga (my mothafuckin
Nigga). Souljah Boy, 'bout to shut you hoes down ('bout to shurt you hoes down). You know what it
Is, Mo Thug clique rollin
Too damn thick, nigga. What you hoes wanna do? (Ride, die. Die die). Yeah, one ah these nigga,
One ah these nigga, one ah

We low down, low down dirty shame, niggaz actin strang, catch a clip to tha fuckin brain (put'em
Up, put'em up)

Souljah Boy
Souljah Boy, off in this mothafucka, piece to point tha bitch may suckaz, thinkin they got enough
Heat to rush us. I'm ah dust
Ya, heads off, wit tha blink of an eye, you niggaz gonna die, don't ask me why, but still I try. With tha
Vibe that I be gettin
Makin wantin get cha spit'n yall shittin down to tha fuckin wide, be wide. You hoes wanna find me
My nigga Layzie Bone up
Pine trees, black eyes see, ain't no comin back, get you some ah that, shit you smokin, get me gigged
Up, hit it up, hit it up, I'm
Straight loke, and I'm hopin ah, that all ah yall (all ah yall) bustaz got time to play, my nigga,
Tombstone, Krayzie Bone quickin
Round yo way


You to betta be thangs, yo brain, put'em in ah coffin, and that's where they lay, nigga wanna roll, tha
Bone'd get chrome,
(put'em in and rip'em out) that how we play ay. Murder dem niggaz that's plottin around me, holla
Boy toppin yo body, nigga
Fillin bless yo soul wit tha 12 guage marks burn, leavin you stiff and cold. Nigga what you gonna do,
When tha mothafuckin
Thugstaz come for you. Ya snooze you loose, to catch that skuzie, nigga fiend to shoot tha po po
Too, and we do. Runnin wit
Da nigga wit his finger on tha trigger, but I catch him and fill him wit ammunition. Hit'em wit tha bullet
And ah rippin, and to get
Cha, they miss'em, hey. We down foe tha swang and no fakin, detain'em, we quick wit tha fucka,
You up on my, gauages and
Uzzies and 357's, we load'em and shoot foe yo head, you die. Niggaz they betta not test me, Leather
Face, quick when they
Pull out this weapon, hey, we leavin'em headless. Respect dem Clair playaz, bitch


Souljah Boy
I'm on ah mission, ah mission, I'm swift betta empty my clip, you outta beat an ass with fast as safety
Mine, neva soldiaz 'bout
To rip, ya lit, get hit, cuz I split, wit yo shit, ain't worried bout a nigga tellin, yellin mothafuckin thangs,
As all you (soldiaz)
Bitches, rollin ya spliff. Cuz I'll shift, wit my grip, off into a whole new level

Knockin wit mic let cha know ya damn wrong, damn wrong....Rest in peace, and seem to been
Creepin up on me latey, fuck'n,
Let's all go crazy, sell we daily, gettin we red lay, my thugstaz, love when we buck pump, put'em on
Tha ground fuck'em.
Krayzie release dem shells, I say say fucka let's all go to hell. Cuz I got my money, my pistol, my
Reefa, neva forget my thugs,
What. Hey, we slay, we spray

Souljah Boy
We pray, everyday, but still I see, that you and me, just don't
Mix, so I grab my grip. I'm ah kill ya
Clique, that's tha end ah this
Shit. So don't you eva, in ya mothafuckin life try to test me, it's
Neva like Rambo, wit this bullet proof
Vest and wit a knife, you
Betta respect me. Or we'll complete twice, I'm killin yo wife. Yo
Bitch get's knifed just like Lesley,
Don't test me, don't press
Me, Krayzie Bone pumpin up they chest, g

Yeah, nigga. Yeah, hoe ass niggaz. Yall mothafuckaz ain't ready foe
This mothafuckin real thug shit.
You niggaz ain't ready.
Gone (gone) down (down), shut'n shit down (shut'n shit down).
Completely down (completely
Down). You hoes didn't know
(you hoes didn't know). Huh? You gotta recognize. St. Clair
Wastland, nigga. Fuck yall niggaz, stall
Nigga. Yeah. (Wasteland,
Wasteland, wasteland) Hoe ass mothafuckaz, bitches, I'm ready to
Kill'em. Soldiaz, we on gank. Can
You feel that? Can you
Feel that?
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Souljah Boy Lyrics