If I can't be alone sometimes
If I can't talk on the telephone
Oh, baby, sometimes

If this means that I'm untrue
And I'm fooling around on you
No faith, well, baby
You have no love

One more thing
If I can't stand to see you
Smile at someone sometimes
If I can't believe you
Could be out with the boys
Just having fun sometimes

If I accuse you when I didn't see
And let that hearsay
Hearsay torture me
Oh, no faith, well, baby
Then I deserve no love

Let me tell you, baby
Things aren't always the
Way they may seem sometimes
And, baby, nightmares may
Enter your dreams sometimes

Love is just like?
When you're going good
Expect a little breeze
Oh, no faith, then, baby
We have no love

Oh, oh, oh, no faith
Well, baby, we have no love
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No Faith, No Love Lyrics

Mitty Collier – No Faith, No Love Lyrics