Eyes open, hoping that it was just a dream
Tripping of last night, still hearing the sister's scream
Walked in the bathroom to wash his face
Looked in the mirror, and something seemed oddly out of space
Damn, must have been a wild night, all locos and Hennesey was known to
Cause fights
Walked out the door, today seemed harder than norm,
Smelled like sofa, and it was pretty warm
Took his coat off, took his shirt too
Rear cage was bloody but it ain't really hurt...
Laughed it off like damn I must have been lonely
This cold in his shirt, same spot where our hold is
City kinda desolate, something seemed strange
Took his hat off to scratch his head and nodes the blood stains
Called Tyrone to see what was going on
But when... Without his phone...
Then he... Nodes, the bees and the locusts
Sky turned red and he couldn't stay focused
Then he sees red... "friend was dead"...
That's why I shot him
Damn I must... Run around the corner...
Soon as he hit the corner, that's when he seen little chris
He went to chris funeral, gave his mama a kiss
Chris, man, why you fronting,
You made me go and get this rest in peace... For nothing
Chris said, oh this must be your first day
Where we at Chris, we ain't on earth mane
He arrived in the same clothes that he died
His eyes matched the scenery cause he was still high
... He said, what the hell, who the hell is you
They call me Lucy, how the hell are you?
Where the hell we at, well hell is tru
We in hell, what the hell I do?

Oh you don't remember, let me show you
Lucy snapped his fingers took me back to last night
But what he really did was took me back to his past life
The first scene was a bloody bed
With a man laying dead, oh shit, it was Fred
Killed Fred cause Fred shot Chris in his head
But Chris raped Fred's sister and he left her for dead
Mom never knew that cause it never was said
Fred older brother Ted was doing time in the feds
... Was best friends with this dude named Ed
Used to stay down the street from Tamika and Less
Less was the little sister of Fred, Ted
First day out, he went to his sister house
Tell me everything Less, where this niggaare hand out
Hopped in his car, just... Mac 10
Made a vow to himself that he would get revenge
All this on his mind... He went knocking on the door
When he knocked on the door, man what do you know
His little sister answered the door, he knocked her to the floor
... He start liking it, like she was loving it
She start crying, she start screaming...
He tied her up to the bedpost
And then he said, this is for Fred hoe
Jamal walked in the house not knowing
First thing he saw, was his sister bloody...
Thinking of what to think, thinking of what to do
Then all of a sudden, right out the blue, shot fired
First one hit... Second shot headshot
That's when Jamal died,
He tried to cry but no tears fell
Then he realized this is hell
Lucy came back now remember...
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Welcome To Hell Lyrics

Mistah Fab – Welcome To Hell Lyrics