What's the matter with your life, why you gotta mess with mine,
Don't keep sweating what I do, 'cause I'm gonna be just fine check it out

If I wanna take a guy, who will me to knock,
It's none of your business,
And if she wanna be a freak and sell it on the weekend
It's none of your business
Now you shouldn't even get in to who I'm giving skins to
It's none of your business
So don't try to change my mind, I tell you one more time
It's none of your business

Now who do you think you are? putting your cheap two cents in,
Don't you got nothing to do than worry bout my friends?
Check I, I cant do nothing girl without somebody buggin
I used to think that it was me but now I see it wasnt
They told me to change, they called me names and so I popped one
A 'p' is all I those assholes and everbody's got one
I never put my nose where I'm not supposed to, belive me if it's something
That I want I'm stepping closer
I'm not one for playing high pole like the house of diddy 9 0 2 1 0 type of hoe
I treat a man like he treats me
The difference between a hooker and hoe ain't nothin' but a fee
So hole yor tongue tightly, wish you could be like me, pop that all on me
Just to stress and despite me
Now you could get with that or you could get with this, but I don't give a shit
'cause really it's none of your business

1993 FNB packing 'n' macking,
Bamboozing and smacking suckers with
This tracking, gonna get back in


I may be losing mine to break before you understand
That your double standards don't mean shit
To me, I know exactly what you say when I turn to walk away
But that's OK 'cause I don't let it get to me
Now every move I make somebody's talking,
Don't ever leave me alone
Never mind who's the guy who I took home to bone

OK! ms. thing never givin' up skins
If you don't like him or his friends what about their
Beeen, your pep pep's got a ill rep, with all the macaroni trap for rap
You better step, or better yet get your head checked
Because I refuse to be played like a innocent trick
Pick a card, no I ain't hard like the bitches on the boulevard
My face stays hard and I don't dance in bars

You can call me a tramp if you want to,
But I remember the punk who just humped and dumped you
Or you can run if you have to, but everybody gets horny just like you
So yo, so yo ho
Check it, double deck it, on a record but neck it
This ass gets respected, and this but is none of your business


So, the moral of this story is: who are you to judge?
There's only one true judge and that's God
So chill and let my father do his job

The salt and peppers got us swinging again
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None Of Your Business (Live) Lyrics

Missing Persons – None Of Your Business (Live) Lyrics

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