I can't sleep
I keep you up all night
I know sometimes I get a bit uptight
So what if I break a few glasses?
Kick a few asses?
You know I'm worth it

(Here we go)

I'm the color on your palette
The sweetness on your tongue
You know how to work
I know how to have fun!

All I want is everything
Does that make sense?
Does that make me high maintenance?
I crashed your new Ferrari
Baby, fix the dent!
Does that make me high maintenance?
I don't think so

(Check it out)

I went away and left the key to my space
You had a big party
Your friends trashed the place
The neck of my strap was
Broken in half 'cause
The dude thought he was Van Halen

You always keep me waiting
Your on Miranda time
But you know the promoters
You never wait in line


Hey! Hey!
Just wanna have some fun
Said hey hey
You're not the only one
I know some games that we could play
What's up?
Yeah, come on!


Ha Ha Ha
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High Maintenance Lyrics

Miranda Cosgrove – High Maintenance Lyrics