Hey Hey, now you know
Anywhere we want to go
We can fly high
That's why I might
Have to land in
Well maybe italy
Far away from my city
So many places to be
That's why my passports with me

Verse 1
Let's all go
Over sea's international
To a place that I don't know
But what I know is
Is the place to go
So you know
The grass is
Is more green
Than my green
At their house
That's why I had to get a house
In a city that I can't pro pronounce
But I don't wanna bounce
And, I don't wanna leave leave
I just wanna be by the sea
Underneath a couple palm tree's tree's
I just wanna get it poppin
In a place where english ins't an option
Caution, before you pass port, better have your passport
Come one

Verse 2

I was like damn,
Italy is the shit shit
This, might be the sexiest place
That my passport's ever went went
Then I went to rome
Where I got my ceaser on
Then I grabbed some italian dressing
And got my ceaser on on
That I boughta, ferrari to take me to sparta
Where I went for the kicks
And ended up leaving with 300 chicks
Shit shit
Now they call me mario
Cause I know how to lay that pipe
So if you wanna do me right
Ya passport better be nice

Verse 3

I see london
I see france
Than I saw some underpants
When I was there
I couldn't tell you how many
French briziarre's, aire's
I made disappear
Like poof
Then ew la la
You know a little bit of that
A little more of this
And a lot of french kiss
Shit shit
Then I said in french, dip
Don't be a chip
On my shoulder than I told her
I got places to be
I said did ya like the wee wee
She said wee wee
Mikey mikey
Now we got to go
And drift to tokyo
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Passport Lyrics

Mikey Bo – Passport Lyrics