No sense pretending it's over/Hard times just don't go away,
You've got to take that chip off your shoulder/It's time you open up, have some faith
Nothin' good ever comes easy/All good things come in due time (yes it does)/
You've gotta have something to believe in/I'm telling you to open your mind (hee-eee-eee)
Chorus: You've gotta put your heart on the line, if you want to make it right/
You've got to reach out and try. Gotta put your heart on the line, if you want to get it right/Gotta put it all on the line.
You see yourself in the mirror/And if you don't like what you see, no/And things aren't getting much clearer/
Don't you think it's time you go for a change, (oh oh)/Don't waste you time on the past (no no)/ It's time you look to the future (oh oh)/
It's all right there if you ask/This time if you try much harder/You'll be the best that you can be!(oh,ohhh oh)
If you want to make it right/And you want to do it now/Then you've got to learn to try/
And to make it work somehow/Don't a lot in life come free/And that's just the way it is now/
You've got to go for what you want/You've got to know it, You've got to live it (OH!)
[Chorus]. . .(On the line) (you and me) (whoo!) (whoo!) (you and me!)
(gotta put it all, gotta put it all) (whoo!) (Hee!)
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On The Line Lyrics

Michael Jackson – On The Line Lyrics

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