Artist: Mia X
Album: Mama Drama
Title: Flip 2 Rip

Featuring Mac

[Dj klc]
Yo Mia. I got the firest beat and I want you and Mac to bust off it.
So who goin first?
[Mia X]
It don't matter to me, Boo.
[Dj klc]
Well, we gone flip for it. Call it in the air.
[Mia X]
[Mia X]
Mac, you up first.
Say, kl. Since I gotta go first and s**t I'ma kick this s**t one more time
For the old fake a** n****s who thought I lost it. Ya heard me? Check it

Verse One: Mac

Street camo
Cover my flesh
I'm one of the best in the contests
They steppin to Mac without a vest on they chest
If all you wanted was rest
Then I'm your Nyquil guy
Your night time sniffin and stuffiness
I kill with one shot
The murder murder verses
Quench lunatic's thirsts
I get p***y from nurses
Comin from churches
The camouflage A-S-S A-S-S I-N
I'm deadlier with my pen
Then n****s with the mac 10
But that was back then
In 98 I'm strapped
Cuz I'm on the map
Ain't afraid to bust a cap
And I get paid for bustin raps
I like them ghetto girls
Y'all can have them super models
Cuz gangsta b*****s got bodies like Coke bottles
I get the game from my n***a V9
I get the beats off the 3-9
Them n****s can't see mine
I'm lyrically a therapist
A fuckin terrorist
Boom Boom!
I never miss
I'm on the next level

Chorus: repeat 2X [Mia X and Mac]

Well I'ma flip it like this
And I'ma rip it like that
And I'ma rip it like that
And I'ma flip it like this

Verse Two: Mia X

When the smoke clears
I'ma still be here n***a
Mic in my hand
Rowdy doin the rip the rapper dance
I set the lines behind the fallen emcees that challenge me
You cross my path
You gets flipped in my wrath
The aftermath left b*****s quiet as f**k
Like when the neighbors saw the crim and the cops came up
I rips it up from the gut
Like Jack the Shanka Man
Chasin hoes down with the knife in his hand
The better man's gone be Mama
And you know this n***a
On the top or the bottom
I'ma show this n***a
He's goin to sleep
I'm too deep
The lady alligator
Stick your seven inches in the swamp
And I'ma fade ya
I made you motherfuckers recognize the south
For the gumbo flava comin out my mouth
About drama
Bout paper
Bout settin it off
F**k the verbal fantasies
My s**t is real y'all.

Chorus: X4

Verse Three: Mac and Mia X

Pass me the mic
And let me dig into they chests
Like ak bullets through they proof vests
In a shootin fest
I murder emcees like media
Mac the street encyclopedia
Who wanna test me?
Bless me with somethin knottin
B*****s who start p***y poppin
Rhyme I quote em
Nines I told em
Like wallets
I'm rock solid
And I like it when they suck and swallow it
I'm hardcore
F**k that slangin and s**t
Cuz when I'm on the mic
N****s be bangin and s**t

I love them buck wild crowds
Mama be center stage
Throwin lyrics at them n****s
Like hand grenades
You can' take the projects out of a b***h like me
Six figures make me throw bigger block parties
Still warm my bed with a thug n***a of course (for sho)
Still in the mix with all them messy a** hoes
Still bust a freestyle with my camouflage son
Off top, then leave the studio with my gun cocked
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Flip 2 Rip Lyrics

Mia X – Flip 2 Rip Lyrics