I often watch you the way you whore yourself
You're so beautiful
You flirt and tease enviously I wish you'd flirt with me
Perhaps I'm enticed by what you are
I imagine us jumpin' the broom foolish I know that's not the life you live

You live alone in a crowded bed never remembering faces Conversations just a body for the lonely
Spend one night with me satisfy me for free and I'll love you endlessly
I overheard you say you'd give them what they wanted
So give me what I want

Tell me I'm the only one
I want to marry you
Tell me I'm the only one

In a harlot's dress you wear the smile of a child with the faith of Mary Magdalene
Yet you wash the feet of unworthy men
Come and I'll set you free into an endless valley of fruits both sweet and sour
And whatever displeases your palate my kisses will wash away

Stay. If you must dance, dance for me
Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see god so close your eyes and dream
For the world will blind you and I'll judge not so that I may not be judged
Please give me what I want

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Mary Magdalene Lyrics

Me'shell Ndegeocello – Mary Magdalene Lyrics

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