(This is the mellow)
(Rhyme was def, and then it went this way...)

Basically it's like this
My patterns of talking exist
As a funky maneuver of reciting lyrics
Stayin' calm, but then droppin' my bombs

With my voltrons, protons and my atoms
Boom! An explosion, I'm speakin' very complicated
Where others have failed I have conquered and excelerated
Like Courtland in his court I command the fort

The teacher that's teachin', and I need no support
Now few people can talk, but more people can gawk
But I prefer that you be down with my block
Because my funky dope spanglish for sure gettin' dumb

Evaluatin' suckers scared of my second comin'
Now everytime I see ya, you try to bite the formula
But I'm just ignorin' ya, and tellin' ya, it ain't for ya
Don't take this as a diss, fella or dweller
Just showin' you my form through my Talkapella

(Ooh, that's funky)
(Ooh, that's funky, momma)

(Rhyme was def, and then it went this way...)

Yes, I'm the one with the profound sound
Clockin' my music dope all around
See, from what I give ya you will receive
It's all in the delivery from A-see-e

'Til my mind control is controllin' my mind
And I'm lettin' you know that I'm controllin' mine
'Cause I could buck your head, yeah (buck)
I could buck your head, yeah (buck)
I could buck your head one time, yo

But see, I haven't got the time to do the crime, yo
No, I haven't got the time to do the time, yo
I'm just hypin', hypin' up the atmosphere, y'all
There's no one that I fear, y'all, I make this very clear, y'all

I smack you with a lyric until you start to cheer, y'all
So listen to the funky chumpie that I brought to share, y'all
Not a ??? of character, but I'm still there after
Everyone's gone from the scene, cause I don't care if the...

I just want to bring, yo, my crazy funky lingo
Displayed upon the microphone when I want to swing, yo
Yes, my talkism is gonna be a seller
Through my Talkapella

(Ooh, that's funky)
(Ooh, that's funky, momma)

By now you love the rhythm
'Cause how I like to give em
I'm not a greedy brother, you want some?
Take this for some

Now get funky, that's why I gave it to ya
That's right, I definitely had to save it for ya
Yes, I want you to enjoy my methods of speak
No worries, be happy, mi tribe is elite

Yes, I'm equipped with the hype tip
Of speakin', yes, talkin' somethin' you can deal with
But it's somethin' 'bout the hip-hop, we just can't live without it
Give us a place to be, and then we'll absolutely house it

The beat concoct trauma after at a coma
And you will find an exclamation after the word drama!
Then you will learn I'm on ya, and I will be upon ya
Because it's dope, my man, you see, I know that you'll respond to

My talkism is gonna be a seller
You want to know why? Causer it's my Talkapella

(This is the mellow)
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Talkapella Lyrics

Mellow Man Ace – Talkapella Lyrics


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