I left home this morning didn't say a word
The sound of your crying is the only thing I heard
What I had to say you wouldn't wanna hear
So I left you alone with your anger and tears

Anger and tears, anger and tears
Is that all that's left us after loving all these years
As slowly as love grows how soon it disappears
In a house full of anger and a heart full of tears

A face like an angel, a voice like a dove
I knew you were sent her from somewhere up above
Am I to blame for your changing through the years
Have I been the cause of all your anger and tears


I know that sometimes my temper ain't so good
'Cause things haven't worked out the way we thought they would
But let's don't give in to our doubts and our fears
Let's try to put an end to our anger and tears
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Anger & Tears Lyrics

Mel McDaniel – Anger & Tears Lyrics

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