You're Nothing Special
You're Nothing New
I've seen it before
Done better than you
You're Nothing Special
You're Nothing to me
You're Nothing to anyone
And never will be
You're not much to look at,
You've got nothing to say
You're boring and pointless, so get out of my way
Cause I'm something special,
I'm something else,
I'm also not you - which definitely helps
You're Nothing Special
You're Nothing at all
I cannot wait
To see You fall
You're Nothing Special!
I've seen it before, done better than You
I hate everything You do
You're a waste of effort, and a waste of my time
A walking abortion, and deserve to die
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Nothing Special Lyrics

Mechanical Cabaret – Nothing Special Lyrics

Songwriters: ROBERTSON, ROI
Nothing Special lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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