I keep lying awake at night cause I can't sleep
I know you remember me when you're gone
How could we forget we're connected
You can take this to the end I will be strong
You can take it you can take this to the end and further
My brother I will be strong for you

And I am sending you strength, I am sending you strength
I hope we never forget my brother
Now I am sending you strength

How far do we have to travel just to be home again
And will we recognize eachother if there are scars on our faces

All of this time I know I could count on you
You make me stronger than I could ever know
As we move on you can take these words
You can take these words from me

Take these words we can't forget we're connected
Take more than words take life from this
(back to 'all of this time' chorus)

I am sending you strength no matter where you are nothing changes
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Connected Lyrics

Means – Connected Lyrics