I really wanna be friends girl
I wanna wake up in your world
I really wanna be saved
And I hope it's not too late
I really want you to miss me
I feel the pain when you kiss me
I wonder why, I wonder why
We ever called it a day

Baby we're makin a movie
Stuck in the middle and I don't know why
There's got to be more to the story
Like the boy gets the girl after saving the world,
Lights, camera action it's good night

Remember the nickname I gave ya?
I don't wanna waste it on strangers
I don't wanna give it away
Because it makes no sense at all

I gave you the keys to my front door
So what are you giving them back for?
I wonder why,I wonder why
We ever called it a day

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Good Night (Star Girl #3) Lyrics

McFly – Good Night (Star Girl #3) Lyrics