Waited a long time for this
Finally it's happening
Gonna do things my way

I got you now, not for long
Lets make the most of it
Do what I say, when I say
Wanna be with you, for the time
Lets Turn Up The Heat

It's getting sweaty now
Lets turn out the lights
Get ur body next to mine
We can do things you fantasis about
Feel the heat from miles away
Don't stop what your doing
I like it like this

Take turns about, my way, ur way
Let's keep it going all night
Get the sweat dripping off us
Pull me close, take me, hold me
Do what you wanna do

[Verse 2:]
Don't want it 2 end
Guarenteed u'll come back for more
Put ur hands in the right places
Make me feel like every girl wants to feel
Lets turn up the heat

Rooms filling up with steam
Windo open for some air
Holde me close 2 you
My turn now, my way
This is where, the fun starts
I take control now
Are you ready for this?

(Repeat Chorus)

[Verse 3:]
Here we go now
Building up 2 the climax
Don't stop now, we can't
Keep this going all night
2 tired for anything else
I promise you a good time
A night you'll remember forever
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Turn The Heat Up Lyrics

Mc Emma – Turn The Heat Up Lyrics

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