Compared to D.C., it was like a cartoon world,
Larger than life, at least the one that I'd known,
And all the people and things that I met and I learned
I was inspired to think that I could bring home,
This sense that we'd have it all if you could see what
I saw,
How we could roll with the punches, but the shot to the
Was when you turned to me and was met with a stare,
I mean, would it been so bad if you pretended to care?

You said "Leave me alone, I'm doing fine on my own."
You said "When did you get so lame?"

You know I don't give a damn that you looked at me
I only care that you looked with contempt,
And if I said something wrong that you took
All I can say's you don't know what I meant.

So don't get me wrong, when all I'm saying's,
That there's more to life than video games,
It's just how we could all be out climbing mountains
And trees,
We could be on our own charting new territories,
I've got this crazy idea that things could be
Tell me who told you, well who told you this was it?
I never really thought it so radical...

But you grew up in a little white house,
And we used to try to figure just how to get out,
But now the door is open, and you stay where you are,
And I can't figure out how we've drifted so far apart.
I've been down, I know I've made my mistakes,
But I mean what I say, and I'll do what it takes,
So here's the deal:
I'll try it your way, but then you try it mine,
And we can try and see what we find.
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Cartoon World Lyrics

Max Levine Ensemble – Cartoon World Lyrics