Oh he could be different from the rest
If only he believed the voice
That speaks inside him,
Telling him that beauty hides beneath his skin
But nasty people who don't have the voice
Will try to slow him down
They might beat him sometimes
But his words will all rhyme
Become yourself my boy,
You're only half way there
It's not so easy living with your soul laid bare
But you will find out that a little courage pays off
Become yourself my boy
And then you get somewhere
When he was a boy
He could see something written out across the sky
Though he was young
He recognised his name among the other words
And later realised 'become yourself'
Was what the message said
Though he still was not sure,
So he waited some more
It would be so shameful
If he strolled through life without taking a chance
He should stop living in the shadows
And begin to use his head
Cause no one else today can do the things
That he was born to do
He should trust in the voice,
It's not even a choice
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Become Yourself Lyrics

Matthew Jay – Become Yourself Lyrics

Songwriters: MATTHEW JAY
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