If you aint got no swagger girl
Then you can't get with me
From you're old school pumps
And skinny jeans I know you look good next to me
If you aint got no swagger boy
Then please don't look to me
You could be a swagger jacker any day
But I'm a rolling differently

Ohhh-ho, uk? I'm ok


They love my attire, they love the way that I dress
Old school pumps and rope against chest
Less is more and more is less yes
Unless you're fresh to death like kesh
You could be the melody, I'll be the composer
I play you like b is to hova
Yeah, you could call me the joker
My comical by-pass adds to my persona


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Narrow-minded people nah
They don't effect us
We walk on past and put on protectors
You and me today we going on so reckless
I bought you a rope chain instead of a necklace
Chicks look at me and brothers look at you
We're so fly my vision is birds eye view
You aint got swag and I hate this joint
If you got no edge then
Tell me what's your point?


I hope that you've enjoyed the evening
Back to mine so we can do the freaking
Think my styles done, enough of the speaking
Rub you hands through my mohican
And I suppose that's your game
But to be honest it's not the way
I like your style, well I like your chain
Yo it's a rope! It's all the same...

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Swagger Chick Lyrics

Master Shortie – Swagger Chick Lyrics