(Chorus 2x)
We ridin 20s on the cars and 26s on the trucks
And everybody diggin us it ain't no limit to the bucks
We makin noise in the game to let em know we comin up
And haters movin out the way they know they don't wanna play wit us


(Verse 1)
We ridin (Chill) how I spit em man
Pockets holdin 50 gram
Ridin big body Impala man me and my partners man
20 inch rims keep em spinnin like a ceilin fan
Haters gold tending tryin to get me out my figures man

But they can't get the man(no) can't hit the man(no)
Even them NBA dudes can't stick the man
Women crowd around me paparazzi takin pictures man
Catch me on the line at 3-1-0 I'm fixin to get em man
Curren$y got plenty money to stack up

Play with me or my crew and we'll be pickin them gats up
And plenty burners too in case you dudes wanna act up
And have you on yo cellie callin homies for back up

And I don't think you really want it to come this
Something for that growl whodi you betta shut ya trap
But I ain't really comin huntin for no drama

I just wana hit the club and leave with yo baby mama
(/Verse 1)


(Verse 2)
We ridin 20s on the Bentley 26s on the Lac truck
If the cop will stop me I'm probly gone get hacked up
'cause I'm underage but never underpaid

I'm makin maximum wages richie rich I got it made
They call me Romeo big game plenty dough
You can't hold me so let me go I got talent and that's for show
Ask about the kid and they'll tell you that dude can flow
And when I'm done with school I be hoopin up in the pros Whoa
No Limit boys we big rimmin our cars up

Tearin malls up spendin thousands at Toys are Us
Nobody else who's in the game go as hard as us
There's no one as large as us, you don't wanna start with us
I know more about kids than grown women

Every week they watchin my show on television
They gotta love me they know the boys winnin
The girlies keep grinnin my rims they keep spinnin
(/Verse 2)


(Verse 3)
I'm a tell ya like this keep ya eyes on your chick

'cause her eyes on my wrist and these boys that I'm with
The girls like me whodi I don't blame em
I'm in the Guinness Book of Records for the richest entertainer
Call me the ghetto Bill Gates 'cause the system can't change us
Had money and cars way before I was famous
I'm in the pros but I could buy the the team

I got two made buys one blue the other green
If it ain't ridin spinnas then you know I can't roll it
And if I had it over a month then I let my cousin hold it
I'm the first one on Cribs with a house with gold ceilings
Gotta truck load of Bentleys 'cause that's how I'm livin

In the winter pull the trucks out
The summer its the drop top
P Miller on my clothes (whoa) got a million in the watch

Hey move out the way I'm ready to cause havoc
Me and my soldiers be ballin why must be yo actin

I leave cats distractin stickin like magnets
I'm the shorty from the Philippines the main attraction
Rollin up in fly whips switchin every other day
No Limit girls ball like the WNBA


We ridin chill

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20 On Cars 26 On Trucks Lyrics

Master P – 20 On Cars 26 On Trucks Lyrics