We've got all night just to make it all right
Would you take a walk with me?
I'll give you all I've got just spare me your time
And I promise you won't want to leave
Are you, are you falling for me?
This time, we'll find what we both need

There's an old oak tree
We can swing and sway
We'll lock arms and legs (You're so far away)
When I look at you
You're so far away
Oh so far away
Oh if you could you just let go

Would you rest with me just for a while
I'll take you out of harms way
Like these branches that shelter the rain
We could lay here in our own shade
Are you, are you falling for me?
Just watch, the two of us will see


There is so much that I could give to you
Just say you want me to
I know these roots could break the ground
And in the meantime our leaves will turn

But rest assured
We'll get through anything
Are you, are you falling for me
Like I'm oh I'm falling for you


Just let go
Just let go
Just let go
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Just Let Go Lyrics

Mase – Just Let Go Lyrics