I dont know what gets me more
but your two hour trips at the store how they
never have what u went there for yet
you say to trust you more or is it the
fact that u believe that
your girl is just so naievebut
the one thing i cant
deny is what i saw with my own
two eyes and he think i dont
know...chorus on my way to work one night
as i made a left at the light
what i saw just wasnt right
i guess whats done in dark will come to light but
if u dont tell i wont tell just
let me leave before i go to jailbut the thing
that bloiws my mind is that he walks
around like it is fine chorus
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He Think I Don't Know (Hqz Remix) Lyrics

Mary J Blige – He Think I Don't Know (Hqz Remix) Lyrics