Known each other for so many years

You were my something to cry on when it all ended
Lost your number, I went out of town, babe
Came home back to see if you were around
I need to find your love some way some how
Find your love somehow.

You and I
Can we get together now
You and I
Let's make this forever now

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby

I hope you're still the same as when I left
Still remember the first time we kissed
You left an impression on my heart I won't forget
No I won't forget, baby baby
I ran into your mother at the station
She showed me the wedding invitation
And I am praying that it's not too late
I pray it's not too late for youuuuuuuuu and I baby

You and I
Lets make this forever now

Baby love, Baby Love
I need you
Oh I need you,
I need your love
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You & I Lyrics

Marsha Ambrosius – You & I Lyrics