The hands you're holding now if you remember
Are the hands that once accpted your first rose
They're reaching out for one last dying ember
In the ashes of the love that's lost it's glow

I can't forget the first time that I kissed you
It's the sweetest feeling that I have ever known
But every dream they say must have an ending
And you leave the hands you're holding all alone

Did God mean I could keep you for a lifetime
Or did he mean for just a year or two
If it's meant that I should have to lose you
Then what's these these hands you're holding gotta do

But if you don't want me I won't try to keep you
But there's just the smallest chance you may be wrong
Until you're sure I hope you'll never let go
Of the hands that you've been holding for so long
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Hands You're Holding Now Lyrics

Marion Worth – Hands You're Holding Now Lyrics