I don't even hold the wheel when I'm drivin'
I don't even look behind me in the mirror
I don't care to see a new horizon
Or to watch an old horizon disappear

I ain't never tasted wine or seen the inside of a bar
And I been walkin' out of line but that ain't mattered so far
'Cause I don't even hold the wheel when I'm drivin'
And I ain't hit the brakes since I bought this car

It's like I never been alone for more than a minute
And I got nothin' to cry about
When it's one wrong step got you into all this
And it's one false move and you're out

It's a time clock with a late block
Screamin' walk that walk or else you're all talk
And it's eavesdrop and it's hard luck
Put 'er in fast and never don't stop up in weightless sky
(Ooh, baby)
Where no one flies
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Barstool Boys Lyrics

Marah – Barstool Boys Lyrics