After the crash when you're
Strolling through the ruins alone
Pick up the phone
When you feel twisted, honey,
I'm listed
Confide in me, confide in me
Got no degree
But I'm strong on tears and
Careless hearts, brave new starts
You know I'm a big fan and
I got a program
If you'll just confide in me
We'll sit in my kitchen babe,
Drink lotsa coffee babe
You'll begin just where you left off
And you can tell how high
You flew and how you fell
And I'll make your landing soft
My place is cute
And it's kind of comfortable
In a storm, safe and warm
We'll throw open the nighttime
And let in the sunshine
If you'll just confide in me,
Just confide in me
Yes I'm strong on careless hearts
I'm strong on brave new starts
Confide in me, I'll hold your hand
Confide in me, I'll understand
You say you've slipped,
Made a mistake
Confide in me, for goodness sakes

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Confide In Me Lyrics

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Manhattan Transfer – Confide In Me Lyrics

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