Dear John,
How you doin'
I've been thinking about you.

I'm not sure how to say it,
But I've been prayin' daily
For some kind of a breakthrough

I've said this a thousand times,
And I know you don't see my side,
But I do it 'cause I love you.

So, dear John, here's the truth...

There's freedom
On the other side of
Things that keep us tied up and afraid.
There's hope in every situation
No matter what you're facin' every day
But it's up to you,
You get to choose
The Father is waiting there with open arms.

Dear John,
People hurt you
And you know I've been hurt, too.
There's no way to escape it,
Don't let your pain be wasted
No, don't let it get the best of you.

'Cause God took my broken parts
And gave me a brand new start
Now I'm walking, breathing, living proof
And, dear John, he can do this for you.


(Dear John,)
It's not a list of do's and don'ts
Not a record of your faults
He gave his life to pay it all.

(Dear John,)
He loves you just the way you are,
You are forgiven by his scars,
Just open up your heart
(your heart)


Dear John (x4)
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Dear John Lyrics

Mandisa – Dear John Lyrics