See*them in the road house Drifting
out of sight And
taking voice of happiest days Wounded
through the night Some
**look for silence Somewhere
to hide Some
take the chances To
single sight This
man look like a turtle That
life had worn to bits His
eyes were full of wisdom For
his mind was full of shit God
gave him nothing Just
let it die The
pockets are empty Something
inside It's
good to see a human Too
glad to be afraid Between
the nights efficient And
truck with steady rate All
lips are scarlet All
hair is tied My
love has sorrow I
know she tried Remember
sons of poverty That
turns the frame for friends That
can't be heard by Anyone
at all Come
take us angels Who
care them all God
made us care us Two
hearts of gold (
repeat)*, **
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Scotch Corner Lyrics

Maná – Scotch Corner Lyrics