I will take your pain and teach you my hate
I will make you blind and give you my sight
I will give you my hand, my taste and your heart
My task is to serve you as a slave
You are a man, you are flesh, I am not
You are alive, you are blood, I am not
You'll soon discover my power, no limit!
You will live through me now, my slave
Believe... My faith... Your dream...
So, I open my mind
Oh, please open my eyes
I give you my soul for a new life
I open my mind for a new sight
You don't know who I am
And you don't know what I am
Do you really believe in my faith?
Should I be a God? No!
Do I really exist?
May I really help you?
Oh please open your eyes and save your soul...
Save your soul!
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Save Your Soul Lyrics

Malmonde – Save Your Soul Lyrics

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