"Today" is such a deceptive word
For I spent all my days
Grieving loud
I sang all my pain
So distressingly
Just to hush up any imploring shout
I couldn't speak
'cause the words I knew
Like rotten mushrooms dissolved
You came out of that
Burring host of sounds
Brought me back
Solid consonants and vowels

And now my skin is
So close-fitting
Keeps the line with all the rest,
Since you came in
I used to dispel among the things
That people wanted me to do

I thought we got too familiar
To be lovers that
Cherish the flame
All that we need
Is attention
And I know I'll always give you the same

'Cause now my skin is so close-fitting
Blending with reality,
Since you came in
Nothing ever moved me
Like your patience
While you taught me how to choose
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Since You Came Lyrics

Malina – Since You Came Lyrics