Feat. Mista Fab& Miami

Oh, ok this is what we going to do, were going slow the thing down then (slow the thing down then)Lets Do it (lets do it then man)you know I'm way the fuck way up Her in Alaska man with some major factors man, we have no choice then to do it real real real real big you feel me family, I feel you family. Mac muthafuking Dre

My Conpadre Hector got the necture taking bout da soft sac, I'm tryin to off that, But toss dat I'm a boss Mac, I break bad ass bitches dat don't talk back, No, I'm no Softpack I'm on her back like a bra-strap. On her head like a staw-cap
Spit nothing but the raw facts, yeah I've fucked off rats the ones the bitch brought back, money, dummy, the only thing that quinch thirst. I think I'm script
Curse I've got to get my chips first, I bump me a thick nurse be all in the bitch purse no chips she can this first, just ain't a slick verse wats macking cuddy, stacking cuddy. Keep-um cut throw then leave the nigga smackig bloody mack is nutty two-pack short of a six-pack, I'll plug a sucker with a big strap muthafuker-you-better get back. This that, stupid doo dummy-shit some call me mr. Fab lets go to run wit.(chrous)this Is How Da Game Goes, All of my niggas macking some of my niggas pimpin most of my niggas jagging none of my niggas mad and some of my niggas missing
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This Is How The Game Goes Lyrics

Mac Dre – This Is How The Game Goes Lyrics