I see your lips start moving. Spitting out some kind of poison
Through them. Come on, give me all your got now bird. Come
On, why you holding back your words. Always a mess, you
Want to change how I'm thinking. Well change me around,
I'm all yours. Come on, give it to me good now bird. Why are
You holding back your words. I've got to get back to the west
Coast. I'll miss your face though. So I won't even say it, with
You I couldn't fake it. Now it's your eyes their moving. Cutting
Through me for some damn reason. Come on, give me all
You got now bird. Come on, you know I've seen your worst. Now I'm
The mess, I've got to change how I'm thinking. Change me
Around, I'm all yours.
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Birds Lyrics

Lydia – Birds Lyrics