[Verse 1:]

I see light as a blur so what is your concern? Aint nothin comin free, just one day i learned im playin with the fire cause
Im lookin for the burn, now help is on the way, cause i feel that i have earned, im tryin not to sweat, aint feelin no
Regret, feelin what im doin, but you gimmie some respect, some days i wanna write, get the block then im tight, stacks otha
Bullshit, don't have words ta feed that mik,


Do i know what im going through, do i like the things that im suppose to do, it's hard to pick and choose, i don't know,
Should i care what the neighbors saying, would i like the fame, if things just fall my way, i pray be for i blead cause i
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Suppose To Do Lyrics

Lumidee – Suppose To Do Lyrics

Songwriters: Masser, Michael / Goffin, Gerry / Perez, Edwin Z. / Mendez, Teddy Rafael / Cedeno, Lumidee
Suppose To Do lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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