When I found you I knew that you'd be mine
It wasn't my first kiss
It wasn't my first time
It was the first time I gave my heart
When I wasn't just alone
I put it in your hands
And I followed you home

Now I'm on the interstate
Wishing I could sleep
I see you lying in our bed
You're waiting up for me
And while I'm taking in the view
I'm wishin' I could give you
What I wanted to
You know I wanted to

This is home
Where I want to be
This is home
Lets make a family
Baby you and me, baby you and me

She's lying on a bed
In some crowded room
Trying to sleep
Not much else to do
The faces change around her
They speak to her sometimes
She's getting used to being left behind

When we find her
We'll belong to her
We won't see her first smile
We won't hear her first word
But ours will be the first hearts
She holds in her hands
She can keep ‘em beside her
In her very own room

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This Is Home Lyrics

Lucy Kaplansky – This Is Home Lyrics