All this pain in this world
All the crying in this world
I'll take it to Jah
All the worries in the world
And all the troubles in this world
I will take to Jah

All the suffering
Right where we are
I'll take to my father

'Cause he said
Come to I with all thine sins
And I will wash away
All the impurities
He said I'm your father
The creator of everything
That's what I say

All this pain I'll take to Jah [2x]
All these worries I'll take to Jah [2x]

Come to I with your problems
No problem too big or small
No one, no one will be rejected
I'm your father the creator

OH-HO-HO-HO Lord I cry [2x]

Even when Satan comes
With him demons
Turn everything I believed in
Upside down
I will never forget
With Jah on our side
Who can be against us
Oh no
Most high omnipotent one
Praise him most high

All this pain I'll take to Jah
All this crying I'll take to Jah
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Take It To Jah Lyrics

Lucky Dube – Take It To Jah Lyrics


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