Nikki the Plump!
Yo yo yo whats up whats up
We kno this girl who's a bit plump
She likes to hump
A guy named forest gump
And when she does her tummy goes bump bump bump
Then her rump goes thump thump thump
She has a nest
Which is bigger than her breast
She thinks shes the best
But shes the biggest pest
And needs to brush with crest!
She call allison a lizzard
But she ate to many blizzards
From dairy queen
She is very mean
The oppisite of lean
With the cause of baked beans
She tries to rap
Whiles shes takin a crap
Which is after her nap
She doesn't like kim because of tim
Who is very slim
And that's the end
We hope ya send this to a friend
Peace out boyscout
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Nikki The Plump! Lyrics

Lucky 7 – Nikki The Plump! Lyrics