I don't want to forget yesterday
Distance is killing the memories
It's hard to remember how it was back then
It seems like this road will never end
I try harder than you will ever know
Or maybe I just don't try hard enough at all
Nothing is the same
It will never be the same
Our lives will never be the same again
So take my hand
Let's run away
It's doesn't matter about yesterday
This day is ours and that dream is dead
Life's about living what is ahead
Life is full of questions and I may never find the answers
The hardest fight is standing on my own two feet
It's living my life for my hopes and for my dreams
I've seen more lies than you will ever know
And my doubt is greater now that it ever has been before
My questions will never be answered
No matter how hard I try
So tell me what I need to hear
So I can deal with it and just move on
Don't tell me I want to hear
Because I've heard it a million times before
I've listened to ever word you've said
And it doesn't mean a thing anymore.
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The Hardest Fight Lyrics

Love Is Red – The Hardest Fight Lyrics