I must be crazy girl
I wanna... You girl
You are my world girl
You're valentine anonymous

I want to get it on
Keep your song on all night long
... You up all this time
Get you on-on my mind
Lick my... Make it...
Come on girl it's valentine s**
I wanna give it to you on Feb. 14th
Make sure I... Already so I can put it on you

You're valentine anonymous
Give it to me
I wanna do it on the weekend till the weekend
Girl you know you want this... So stop acting like a chick
Cause you want to be on this
You're valentine anonymous
Give it to me
I wanna get this right
Do this till the morning light

Valentine Anonymous
Get it on
Give it to me
You know you want to scream
You know you want to moan
Moan and groan
No hiv
This... Feels so good to me
You like it
Girl: Yeah I like it
Give it to more
I wanna beat the high score
You won
It's your chance
You need one last shot
I'm on a hangover
Girl: Baby please don't stop!

Chorus till fades
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Valentine Anonymous Lyrics

Lov – Valentine Anonymous Lyrics