There's nothing in this world
That hasn't got a price
A date with Lucifer
A place in paradise
Got to raise my sights
Got to stock my store
Why be satisfied
If I can get some more
Well it's nice doin' business
Nice doin'business with you
You better save the kisses
It's all strictly business, you fool
I don't want your love
Don't want no fake receipt
Cause what I have in mind
Is something more concrete
Don't you kiss my hand
Don't try to cop a feel
If you'll accept my terms
Then we can make a deal
You're a bargain darling, that's a fact
You got all the stuff, both this and that (oh yeah)
Look into my face and read my lips
Let's skip all the bullshit and get down to it
Got an itch for the bottom line
I will scratch you'are back, if you'll scratch mine
(oh yeah)
It's a matter of give and take
As long all the benefits are on my plate
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Nice Doin' Business Lyrics

Louise Hoffsten – Nice Doin' Business Lyrics

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