I got Lonenly so I started thikin about
The walks in the park, the long talks after dark oh
Cleanin out the old drawer I found some pictures
Of a man in a happier state of mind

I should'nt have stated away so long this time
And if you don't have someone else, you still be mine

I wanna get back with you
Do all the things you want me 2 do
I wanna get back with you
I wanna stay close this time
You'll have yours and I'll have mine
I wanna get back with you

I wish I could say even half of this to you
But you've heard it from me so many times before oh
I'm afraid 2 go looking causeif you hear me knocking
You might not answer the door

My Atention span and me don't get along
But Your melody I sing in every song

(Repeat chorus)

I admit I used to be a little inmature
So forget the past and don't let it make you feel so insecure
Because to have you again to run to
Is worth it's weight in gold
I don't wanna be lonely, I want someone for my own

(Repeat chorus)

It'll be you and me, and you together forever,
This love ists true
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I Wanna Get Back With You Lyrics

Louie Louie – I Wanna Get Back With You Lyrics

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