Out in the peltin' rain
I gotta move on
It's always been the same
Another night of Rock 'n' Roll
Oh yeah
I'll let you on to something
Nobody knows
It ain't no secret
I'm a big star, rock 'n' roller
Oh yeah
Hot shot kicker
Bet you think you're so cool
Just a big time poser
* I'm a dreamer and screamer
I'm a dreamer and screamer
Sick of games
Gimme one night stands
You think I'm crazy
You just don't understand
I'm gonna push it
Make my dreams come true
There ain't no stoppin' me baby
Till I get through
Oh yeah
So if you're ready
Let's give it a chance
Rock 'n' Roll
* Repeat

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Dreamer And Screamer Lyrics

Loudness – Dreamer And Screamer Lyrics