featuring A.G.


Suckas out there better pray and shout for help

When it comes to skills on the mic I'm out for self

Finesse is dangerous so those who came to fuss

Will fuck around and get smoked like angel dust

Swift with the gift when I'm dropping my shit

I do shows collect the dough grab a hoe then I split

I'm not the brother to riff and get raw with

I grab the mic and get funky as dog shit

Many try to bore me and harm me

So what you got an army? You're all washed up like laundry

It's Lord Finesse, the rap phenomenom

I take this more serious than a Muslim do Rhamadan

I get loose and stop brothers with the quickness

I'm so cool I put fans out of business

Suckas try to to copy and beat me

They try to see me, but it's not that easy

They should take shit slowly, becase they don't know me

I'm on the down low, that means I play low key

But at a party, I'm quick to rag a mic

And brothers can't see me with a satellite

So those who want to battle me, step up lively

"A bad motherfucker" is a few words to describe me

I raise instead of sinking, I use my head for thinking

I'm leaving opponents all dead and stinking

I kick game, I got more than a small rap

I drop facts on tracks, shit I'm all that

Whether foreign or American, I come better than

Any specialist or any rap veteran

I'm a brother with skills and a good rep

That's why all the players want to follow my footsteps

So when you hear me, don't comepare me to all the rest

They might be good, but they ain't fucking with Lord Finesse

Whether you're old or a rapper with a new name

I'll bust that ass and send you home on the 2 Train

So don't come here looking for a bargain, troop

I get looser than a freak in a jogging suit

I'm quick to send a nigga home in stitches

Don't sing and dance, but I still get the bitches

So don't ever diss the smooth rap terrorist

I get paid each year to come back and write better shit

Me getting done? Now that's a hot one

It's like throwing a rock at a man with a shotgun

Then you wonder why rappers get murdered fast

They talking trast but yet haven't heard the half

They don't understand it

Cause I'm living gigantic, and I'm the best, goddammit

Now you know who's on who's jock

When it comes to rhyming I get funkier than an old pair of tube socks

You can't fuck with Finesse, pal

And when I'm done with ya, send your man for the next round

Andre the Giant, tell me how ya living

(Get on down to the old slick rhythm)


You said I wasn't ready, joke's on you, Jack

Because I'm the Giant, but before it was "Who's that?"

I don't get girls that's hard to imagine

You be pulling witches, I get the bitches from the beauty pagent

It ain't hard to tell, ain't had enough yet?

Cause you're wet and I still haven't bust a sweat

I'm a fat cat, you're just a kitten

Leaving chumps in a slump, because the punks ain't hitting

You're low budget, and my skills are so rugged

I make peace, but you want to keep beef, so fuck it

Round up the best MC's and confront me

One on one, they gets done, they better jump me

Me against your crew, now that's a fair fight

Me get done one on one? Yeah right

Come on and face reality

I get hype and pull out a can of brutality

You'll get knocked in the first round, you won't even get to brag

And ask your girl "Do the Giant got the gift of gab?"

Slit her off, hit her off on the first date

Sex, no lies, and plenty of videotape

Why didn't you step, yeah you had the chance

To face an avalanche, but you'd rather dance

Cause you know the consequences

To anybody that's comp but just romp and stomp them senseless

Cause I speak with a hypertone

The baddest motherfucker to ever hold a microphone

The mic's in my hands, raise your arms, God

Me and Finesse on the same team? Come on, that's a bomb squad

Got the things that's wanted by every girl

Mack daddy without the Caddy or the jheri curls

You got game like me? I doubt it

They say pimping ain't easy...what's so hard about it?

In front of crowds to get lots of cheers

He's Finesse, I'm A.G. and I'm the fuck up out of here

Yeah, fat for the 90's, money

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Fat For The 90's Lyrics

Lord Finesse – Fat For The 90's Lyrics