Well you go up on the mountain top
And you look out across the sea
And you know there's another place perhaps, where a young man could be
And you jump down to the rooftops
Look out across the town
And you know there's a lot of strange things circulating round

It ain't easy, it ain't easy
It ain't easy to go ahead when you're going down

Well all the people have got their problems
That ain't nothing new
With patience and understanding
We can get you through
Well look I got your true love
And it'll take you to the end
It'll take you up oh Lord
And let you down again


Satisfaction, satisfaction
Tell me who is satisfied?
Would she take it as she holds it?
Deep down inside
As she holds it deep inside lord
And she bites you with her teeth
And the woman that wants your love
She can give you some relief

[Chorus x2]
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It Ain't Easy Lyrics

Long John Baldry – It Ain't Easy Lyrics