You say I'm aggressive, too possessive; it's too soon, too much
You want to wait around, slow it down, but I'm burnin' up
What can I do to get through to you? I know that you're the one
'Cause there's no controllin' this emotion; it's bigger than us

You don't know what love is if you think that I can fight this feeling
Keep my true heart from revealing everything inside
You don't know what love is if you hear me say you're mine forever
Feel our two hearts beat together and think you can resist
You don't know what love is

It's soft and gentle; it's sentimental
Can't you feel it too?
There's no denyin' or compromising; it's perfectly true
It's overpowering; it's all around me when I'm around you


I see you smile and, girl, I'm sure I've found it
Heaven knows there's just no doubt about it now


[Repeat: x3]
You don't know what love is
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You Don't Know What Love Is Lyrics